Our Story

More Amour Candle Co. was made in the minds of couple, Kendale & Shanitra. They are a married couple located in Greensboro, North Carolina, on a mission to create a legacy for their family. In January of 2022, Kendale came up with the idea of creating a candle line, and Shanitra immediately felt that it was a perfect idea for them. They started doing extensive research and testing in order to develop a product of the highest quality. Shanitra has run a business for her artwork for years and has always had a knack and love for developing products and brands. Creating this business allowed Kendale and Shanitra to create another stream of income while also doing something that they love to do together. Kendale has been writing poetry since his teen years, and Shanitra thought it would add the perfect touch to include that element as a part of the brand. Kendale has written several poems for Shanitra throughout their relationship. Most notable is the one he wrote to propose to her in November 2020. They decided to create a short poem for some candles. You will see other poems throughout the website and brand, eloquently painting the vision of More Amour Candle Co. The goal was to create a luxurious candle sensory experience to be enjoyed by couples or those who want to enhance their selfcare rituals. They believe that adding more love into your life cultivates healing and spiritual growth, so that you can excel in all areas of your life. Live life more luxuriously and purposefully with More Amour Luxury Candle Company.

More Amour

Do you feel love in your heart?

Perspectives on love are like fine art.

So many different ways to decipher,

But in any capacity, it makes the weight of life so much lighter.

Companionship is a shared bond galvinized by our inner most feelings,

Unconditionally growing with no ceilings.

Finding your soulmate feels like a dream,

Where you make a commitment to become a team.

Selflove is a grinning stare into a mirror,

Realizing that you see yourself much clearer.

When your reflection says, "I love you,"

Nothing in life can block your view.

That is what love is all about,

Knowing you matter without a doubt.

In a way, love is like a candle,

Flaming as bright as you can handle.

Melting in someone's embrace,

Finding your forever home in your happy place.

Give me more amour,

More than I have ever had before.

Give me more amour,

So much that I cannot ignore.

Give me more amour,

Love me to my core.

Give me more amour,

Until my cup runeth over and still you pour.

Give me More Amour...